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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What kind of Pilates studio is Karen Lord Pilates Movement? We offer an athletic, contemporary approach to true classical Pilates. While we remain safe in our practice our group classes do not cater specifically to those with injuries, pregnant, or that require special modifications like other traditional Pilates studios as our classes are fast-paced. We do recommend private sessions to those special clients until a trainer can recommend you safely join a group class.


  • I'm new to Pilates, what do I do? We suggest when budget permits that first-timers take a private session to learn the basics. While our studio is always an all-inclusive environment (in every aspect) our Every Body and Fire and Light classes are designed to be the most accessible for all levels. That does not mean it's and beginner class by any means, but you'll find more modifications and a pace that would lend itself to appeal to all levels.

  • What if I'm pregnant or I'm recovering from an injury? If you are pregnant, injured, or rehabilitating from an injury, we ask that you please contact the studio first to find out what class, session, program or specific instructor will best suit you. Studio policy is that we do not recommend group classes during your pregnancy and we do not permit group classes during your third trimester. We're happy to help, and will work to find you the best situation. Our trainers are certified in pre-natal Pilates, and many specialize in rehabilitative work specific to certain parts of the body. Just ask!

  • How do I book classes? We suggest booking your classes online, but walk-ins are welcome too and you will be admitted to class if space is available.

  • What is your cancellation policy? A 12-hour cancellation policy always applies without exception for group classes and 24 hours for private sessions. Trainers are subject to change without notice. We have limited space and we turn others away to hold your spot for the classes you book. Thank you for respecting our studio and our staff.

  • When do I arrive? Kindly arrive several minutes prior to class to settle in, or if you're a first-time client, please allow ten minutes to sign in. Lateness is disruptive to the class flow and often a safety issue. Please be on time - we want you to get the most out of your class or session. Classes close 10 minutes after class start time and admittance will not be allowed at that time. 

  • What do I do about parking? 

  •        VENICE: Parking on Washington and interior streets is free and easy to find. Our studio visitors never have an issue               finding parking, but we also have overflow parking at Firestone Walker Brewery which is a block and half east (closer to         Lincoln). Note that it's a few minute walk so keep that in mind. Park your car as close to the far cement wall. While                 there won't be any signs, we have a parking arrangement with them. So you know you'll always have a backup parking         option any time of the day!


           SANTA MONICA: There is free two hours parking on 7th street in front of the studio, there's metered parking on the             cross streets (Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd). There's also a large municipal lot in the alley behind the building.               Lastly, there's always free 90 minute parking for in the many municipal lots surrounding the Promenade, just a couple           blocks away.


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