An expression of love and Pilates; a music and design driven

studio experience

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We are a group of highly skilled Pilates personal trainers and client relations professionals of various backgrounds; the best in the city. We are dedicated to challenging your body and expanding your mind while giving you the attention and focus you need. We are empathic and caring, and treat your body by training the athlete within, opening the mind to greater fitness possibilities. We are a contemporary studio, driven by music and design, with a love of Movement and we are eager to share this passion with you. We offer a variety of approaches to achieve and maintain your highest self.​


Karen’s background in fashion, art, music, design and wellness informs her modern approach to Pilates, a true fusion of her life and passions. Her unique vision is realized in a total commitment to a very different kind of Pilates experience. While maintaining the founding principles of Pilates and many classic exercises, Lord makes it all her own by fearlessly breaking from any sort of regimented rule or exercise necessary. She ensures the practice fits her clients lives, feels right while making them incredibly happy– ultimately giving them a rigorous workout resulting in an incredible body.


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